AMD Naples A 32 Core 64 Thread Baheamoth

Looks like consumer CPU market was not the only area that AMD wanted to dominate. As the company just announced their X86 server CPU named Naples. Naples is AMD new pawn in the game, based on their ZEN architecture. AMD is basically targeting their upcoming Naples CPU towards the high end server market and it clearly shows. Because AMD Naples consists of 32 cores with 64 threads.

AMD Naples Feature:

  • 32 cores with 2 threads per core
  • Support for 16 DDR4 DIMMS with 8 memory channels and up to 2TB of memory support
  • Support for 32 DDR4 DIMMS with 16 memory channels and up to 4TB of memory support ( 2 socket server)
  • PCIE GEN 3 128 lanes support
  • High performance, high efficiency CPU
  • Infinity Fabric coherent interconnect for Naples CPUs in a 2-socket system
  • Dedicated security hardware

Source: egmedia

Aside from that AMD Naples have the ability to run a set of multiple AMD Radeon GPUs. In order to help accelerate things like image processing as well as VDI. A benchmark was also shown, where AMD compared their 32 core Naples CPU to Intel’s current top of the line Xeon E5-2699A v4 CPU.

Source: regmedia

In the first benchmark both the Intel Xeon and AMD Naples, was bench-marked with 44 active cores. Where AMD Naples beats Intel with twice the performance. A second benchmark was also run, with 64 active cores on the AMD Naples. Which resulted in 2.5X performance gains over Intel XEON.

AMD is really pushing the boundaries with ZEN architecture. With the help of Naples, there wont be any need for a 4 socket server anymore. As with AMD the 4 socket requirement can be fulfilled with only 2 socket solution, with the help of AMD Naples.

There is still no news on the pricing on the AMD Naples CPU, but AMD will make them available in the second half of this 2017.

Source: wccftech

Via : techstunt

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