Ryzen 2nd gen processors by AMD to be launched in the Q1 2018 along with the ‘Business-oriented Ryzen PRO mobile APUs’

The time has flown at such a fast speed that we are drawing near to the release of 2nd Gen Ryzen CPUs. As mentioned in one of the latest roadmaps of AMD, the Ryzen processors may roll out in the first quarter of the upcoming year. Also, things are moving forward with regards to Ryzen 3 mobile APU (Raven Ridge) and the company may also roll them out in the first quarter of 2018. This release will be followed by the ‘Business-oriented Ryzen PRO mobile APUs’ too, that are also to be expected early next year.

The Roadmap

According to the roadmap that we have, things will become clear in the month of March regarding the 2nd-generation Ryzen CPUs. Regarding the nomenclature, we don’t have any firm pieces of evidence but we can expect something like Ryzen 2000 codename or maybe, Ryzen 1xX0 with the prior option having more chances.

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An Important Note

For those of you who don’t know, these processors aren’t going to be based on Zen2 architecture, rather they are based on the refined 12nm Zen+ fabrication node. These processors are expected to have higher clock speeds because of the greater Watt ratio.

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