AMD Ryzen Gaming Benchmarks Compared To Intel

As well all know, AMD’s new processor named Ryzen is finally here. Ryzen 7 family to be exact, including the AMD Ryzen 1800X, 1700X and 1700. When it comes to performance per dollar, AMD Ryzen is the way to go. But aside from the mainstream user. What does AMD Ryzen bring to the table, when it comes to gaming?

At 4k Gaming all Ryzen 7 family CPU’s, do hand equal blows in terms of performance. But when the situation is turn to 1080P. Things aren’t looking so well for the red side. Now there can be a lot of reasons why something like this can happen.

AMD Ryzen is a new platform with a very new architecture. It’s something no one have seen before. Nor the manufacturers or the developers. And normally it would take time before the performance is optimized. Including both the motherboard manufacturers as well as game developers. With time a newer and better bios will come. Though game developers would also have to work with AMD now. In order to optimize games on their hardware as well.

In the meantime AMD has a fix for it though. That might help you gain a few FPS in return. According to AMD disabling SMT also known as Simultaneous Multi-Thread, in some games can see performance gains. Though users would have to manually enable and disable it every time, they want to play games. Which is a bummer though, as it requires a restart each time. This issue will be addressed later on when new and better optimized bios is released for AM4 motherboards.

Source: wccftech

Before Disabling SMT

Source: wccftech

After Disabling SMT

So, if you were wondering why AMD Ryzen is performing a bit less than Intel, this is the reason why. Though time will tell what the situation really is after everyone have optimized things for the red team, from their sides.

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