AMD studios, a step by AMD to work closer with film makers

AMD executives just announced the launch of their new studio, AMD studio. This a direct shot by AMD to extend its business into the film making industry.

0 AMD studios, a step by AMD to work closer with film makers

How did it all started? From GPUs to actual studios.

Roy Taylor who is Corporate Vice President and Worldwide Head of Media & Entertainment at AMD Studios, was well aware of the entertainment industry and saw the potential opportunity of business in many Hollywood studios. If it works out, it could really benefit AMD/RTG and Hollywood studio.

But what’s the connection between AMD and film making industry?

It’s pretty obvious, we all are aware of the role of computers in film making. We are constantly amazed with the photorealism of computer generated graphics in films. All these photorealism takes some serious computing power and heavy renderings and AMD is well known for it’s heavy duty GPUs and is been helping many people with their rendering and graphic generation and simulation.

A brief historical back ground about the role of computers in film making

Computer were used in 1990s for post-production to add effects like more violent explosions and to add better clouds and skies and later in the late 1990s they were used for pre visualizations. Time on set were and are pretty expensive specially when it had to be set up in a remote area and this where the computers took the role of creating virtual sets for directors and producers, they would use game engines to carry out these task.
Hence virtual production became an important part of the film industry, computers were used for all kinds of visualizations, renderings and post production.

Computers and Film making today

Today, almost all of the blockbuster movies are mostly dependent upon computer generated graphics and sets, actors just have to act in front of green background which is later replaced and rendered by computer with another computer generated background. In short words computers have become an integral parts of the film making industry.

What is AMD offering with its new AMD studio?

AMD studio is basically providing all the advice, consultancy, help and solution that the producers and directors need in this aspect under one roof. Taylor discussed how they will be able to excel in the film making industry, he stated that NVIDIA uses GPU to do everything while Intel like to stick CPU for everything, while AMD will use both of them to give their the clients the best of both things.
GPUs are best for small data sets while CPU are best suited for large data sets and this is where Radeon PRO and Epyc can work together to give to the best solution to every problem.

AMD p47 AMD studios, a step by AMD to work closer with film makers

This is an example of Dual CPU EPYC workstation with up 4 SSGs or 4 WX9100 and 100 TFlops or performance, which can be used for content creation during the day and for rendering in the night.

Brief introduction of the key people of AMD studio.

AMD studio comprises of some very qualified and experienced people of the both worlds. The team includes Dominick Spina, an Ex Digital Domain, Sony Pictures who commercialized Nuke together with Foundry. Foundry is an important software company making tools for film and television. James Knight worked on some Blockbuster film including Avatar, Iron Man, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian and many more. nRobin Prybil, a visual effects executive who worked in The Avengers, Avatar, The Hobbit, Iron Man 3 and many others.

Taylor even has an IMDB credit onboard, which is an amazing achievement considering that Roy comes from GPU-centric companies and not the entertainment industry. One important thing to bear in mind is the fact that these people can help AMD get more Hollywood studio connections and do some business.

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