MSI points at ASUS for producing lower-end specifications in their motherboards

If you are an MSI fan, the company has got you something to cheer about as they have mocked the ASUS’s motherboard implementations. MSI claims to be having a much better performing board implementation.

B360 Motherboards

Image result for B360 Motherboards

The comparison is based on the B360 platform and in this comparison, MSI compares their $100 US B360M Mortar to the $110 US B360-G STRIX from ASUS.

Here are the key specification differences:

  • MSI board offers 7 phases whereas ASUS has only 6
  • MSI has x4 lanes dedicated to dual M.2 slots while ASUS board comes with 1 M.2 slot @ x2 speeds
  • MSI uses a larger heatsink for VRMs compared to that of ASUS

Extended Heatsink

Other than the said specifications, MSI takes pride in its extended heatsink and this design is seen on their entire current generation Intel and AMD platform motherboards. Additionally, the ‘Extended Heatsink’ offers 26% more cooling area, reducing temperatures by up to 12C on a 95W CPU package when compared with the ASUS B360-G Gaming.

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