‘Atari VCS’ – The $250 Atari’s Linux-based PC is unveiling soon!

Atari has brought some structural changes to its new console, the ‘Atari VCS.’ The new version can’t even be called as a console technically, as it’s actually a Linux-based PC. Calling it a PC is legit as it supports various connected content (probably streaming, browsing, etc) in inclusion to the normal gaming services.

Not Much to Be Expected

What seems to be a problem here, is that the system’s hardware is a limiting factor for its gaming capabilities. If you are thinking about the usage of the Atari VCS, Atari has only revealed that the all-in-one style box is powered by a customized AMD Radeon processor. That leaves us with no special details about the gamers to whom it will best suit.

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For a fair idea, you can consider it to be something similar to the Nintendo Switch instead of the PlayStation 4 or XBox One because you don’t want to expect the latest and greatest games to run at 1080p 60FPS from it.
The Atari VCS will be available in the market for around $250.

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