ASUS displays its all-new bezel-less gaming monitor at CES 2018

The CES 2018 has ended but the fever is still on! ASUS stood off with a distinctive place in the event, because of the bezel-less design of its all-new monitor kit. The not-so-interesting part of this monitor is that instead of the same uni-screen model, you’ll get three displays. But the thing that is noticeable even from a considerable distance, is that the separation between the three screens is ignorable!


The Noticeable Separation

Before this monitor was displayed, we didn’t get to see a joint screen design without any noticeable separation. But now due to the bezel-free design of ASUS, it gives the true sense of a joint monitor. Obviously, you’ll be needing the monitors of the exact same size or at least the same height to make the joint look perfect. The use of light diffraction from ASUS has given it the desired look.




We are also waiting for a completely translucent version and for that, we’ll probably have to wait a bit more!


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