DIR-X9000 and DIR-X6060 802.11ax WiFi routers by D-Link revealed at CES 2018

D-Link internet routers have a very important place in most of the business areas and even in homes where there’s a requirement of far-ranging internet connections. At the CES 2018, D-Link showed its flagship 802.11ax Wi-Fi routers. There are two routers in this series, namely:

  • DIR-X9000
  • DIR-X6060

The AX11000 Standard

Both the routers are based on the AX11000 standard which means that they have an 11 Gbps combined wireless throughput. For input, you’ll have to insert a 2.5 Gbps WAN port and it has four downstream 1 GbE ports. Other highlighted specs include 4×4 MU-MIMO over its eight antennae meeting 802.11ax specifications (dual-band plus MIMO and MU-MIMO).


The other router is DIR-6060 which has a combined wireless bandwidth of 6 Gbps so you are fully backed up for the future. As the time passes, we are moving towards higher wireless bandwidth limits so once you’ve got the DIR-6060, you are good for several years!

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