LG’s all-new InstaView ThinQ Smart Fridge unleashed at the CES 2018

So we are moving towards an era of touch screens where all of our electronic home appliances will be depending on a touchscreen input. To carry on the trend, LG has come up with an all-new refrigerator, rocking a touch panel. Displayed at the CES 2018, LG’s ThinQ smart fridge rocks a 29-inch touchscreen which makes it a cool looking device.


Changing The Trends

Where LG has introduced a rollable TV, introducing the stylish InstaView ThinQ fridge has changed the concept of a refrigerator. LG might be the first ever mainstream company to introduce such an invention.

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Speaking of what’s new in this fridge, following points are notable:

  • A 29-inch touchscreen (becomes transparent if tapped twice)
  • A clear view of what’s inside the fridge even with the door closed
  • Control of food management using LG’s own webOS software
  • Traits of Amazon Alexa can also be found
  • Foods can be marked with virtual stickers and expiration dates
  • Automatic reminders about the shelf life of different foods
  • A wide-angle panoramic camera on the inside for the closed door view

Just like you, we are also waiting for the pricing and availability info regarding this fridge.

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