FireStrike Benchmark consequences of the AMD RX Vega rank it superior to the GTX 1080 at the end of the day

RX Vega lineup seems to be the most discussed graphics card family in AMD’s entire history. The recent news coming from Budapest and Portland showed the arrival of first RX Vega in these cities for a show of against Nvidia’s GTX 1080. Now, the full fledged launch of the card is just a few days away from all of us as the SIGGRAPH event is drawing near. Some early reviews and benchmark results have made a loud roar against Nvidia and the Vega series seems to be a powerful family of the graphics lions.

s2016 event masthead images 1260x420 events FireStrike Benchmark results of the AMD RX Vega rank it better than the GTX 1080 once again

RX Vega Growing Even Better

The RX Vega was underestimated in the beginning as some early testers without knowing the true capabilities of the card, declared it to be at par with the GTX 1070. This news was a bit awkward for those who were expecting it to be a real giant. But thanks to the expert testers and AMD who joined hands to tweak up the performance bar and the card was successfully pitched against Nvidia GTX 1080. The latest results are even better as they have put the card more in terms of performance, ahead of GTX 1080. These results are from one of the 3 SKUs, Vega has planned to roll out so it’s not clear that which one of them has beaten the rival.

Benchmark Results

The benchmark showed amazing clock speeds of the Vega GPU and the little details that we could get, are as follows:

  • 1630MHz and a memory clock speed of 945MHz
  • 8GB HBM2 card with Vega Frontier edition being a full 16GB of HBM2
  • A graphics score of 22,330 which puts it way ahead of the GTX 1080

More Needs To Be Known

AMD Radeon RX Vega 2 2 FireStrike Benchmark results of the AMD RX Vega rank it better than the GTX 1080 once again

These reports combined with the strategy of the company pitching it against the GTX 1080 show, what the company is up to. This crafts a rough sketch of the Vega’s capabilities but still, a lot needs to be known. As the SIGGRAPH event is about to start in a matter of days, everything will become clear.

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