Patriot’s VIPER LED Series DDR4 Memory is not just any other DDR4 Memory!

When it comes to hardware production, we’ve been covering the Patriot’s line of products for quite a long time now. Besides the mainstream hardware production, Patriot also focuses on gaming peripherals and flash storage solutions. The most recent hardware revealed by Patriot, is the VIPER LED Series Performance DDR4 Memory.

What’s In It?

The first thing that would attract any of the buyers is its unmatched design. Starting from the top, these memory sticks are not those which you’ve been watching all the time. The best match to these LED-lit memory sticks is the Intel 100/200/300 series and AMD 300 series motherboards. It comes in two color schemes i.e. Red and White LED model. According to Roger Shinmoto, PATRIOT’s Vice President of Product Development:

We have set out to complement a user’s gaming PC by creating a decorative memory kit with LED-Lit top lighting and a stylish aluminum heat spreader. From now on, performance lighted memory will be an important part of any gaming system.

Interesting Features

Other than the mainstream features, Patriot has built every single module of VIPER LED Series DDR4 Memory on a 10-layer PCB so that the signal integrity is strengthened. Also, you won’t have the fear of heating issues while overclocking. For the heat dissipation purpose, the aluminum material is used for the build. Moreover, you’ll note that each kit is fully compatible with the latest XMP 2.0 (Extreme Memory Profile). The 16GB(2x8GB) and 8G(2x4G) variants have starting frequencies of 2,400MHz and the extreme performance speeds can go up to 3,600MHz.

The memory sticks come with lifetime warranty and are available for an MSRP starting from $134.99 to $249.99.

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