Still stuck on Z370 platform? Intel Z390 motherboard is already being pictured

In a tech world where everyone with the knowledge of Z370 motherboards considers himself updated enough, a recent addition will make you think again. The SuperMicro C7Z390-PGW Z390 mobo for the desktop PCs.


That’s what the name is, as you can see it from the slides that just came in. The info came right from the database of Sisoft and you know how credible it is. According to our record, this is the first ever Z390 motherboard that was exposed to a camera lens.

Where Did It All Start?

If you remember the recent leak of Intel’s roadmap some 6 weeks ago, which was basically telling about the 8th Gen Coffe Lake-S processors, had something else too! The Z390 motherboard was a part of it and is considered to be a 92W part.

When is it Coming?

If the rumors are to be believed, it may launch in the second half of 2018. The best thing about it is that it is expected to support 8-core mainstream CPUs. So that would probably be a big challenge for Ryzen 2000 (Zen+) which will make its way to the shelves by early 2018.

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