Inno3D GTX 1080 Ti New iChill X3 And X4 Cards

Custom Version Of The GTX 1080 Ti

InnoVision also known as Inno3D is among companies like MSI and ASUS, who also sell custom version of GPU’s. Inno3D is not widely known, but is famous in certain countries. Among other manufacturers, Inno3D has also teased their custom version of the upcoming GTX 1080 Ti.

Inno3D is famous for their iChill coolers. While the upcoming GTX 1080 Ti would be offered in both version. Including the iChill X3 GTX 1080 Ti, as well as the iChill X4 GTX 1080 Ti. Now compared to other manufactures, the design on the Inno3D’s cooler is way different. Whereas the aesthetics of the card itself, tell the story of how good it is at cooling.

The difference between the iChill X3 and iChill X4 is basically the amount of fans present on them. There are a total of 3 fans present on the iChill X3 cooler. While on the iChill X4 cooler, there are also 3 fans on the actual cooler, while a fourth small fan is also present on top of the card. Aside from that the iChill X4 cooler is certainly beefier looking than the iChill X3 cooler. While also offering noticeably better cooling compared to the iChill X3 cooler.

Source: videocardz

The heatsink on both the coolers are made out of dense aluminum. Which is connected to the main block that cools the GPU, through several heatpipes. Both versions of the upcoming GTX 1080 Ti from Inno3D, will take 2 slots in your case. In order to power the iChill X3 card users would need one 8 pin PCIE connector and one 6 pin PCIE connector. While for the beefier iChill X4 card a total of two 8 pin PCIE connectors are needed.

Source: overclockers

The pricing on the iChill X3 and iChill X4 GTX 1080 Ti, have not been confirmed yet. But if I were to guess. Then they should be around $699 or a little higher, depending on the market and the cooler.

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