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Nvidia to acquire Samsung’s GDDR6 memories for its upcoming next-gen graphics cards!

With AMD out of the scene this year for the production of next-gen graphics cards, NVIDIA has jumped in for its upcoming GeForce sensation, the GeForce GTX 11 series!

The card is expected to go into mass production with GDDR6 and that too, in the coming months. The competition of GDDR6 production is getting tougher with SK Hynix also releasing it by July. Nvidia, on the other hand, will get the 16GB GDDR6 RAMs from Samsung, which is reportedly producing the world’s fastest GDDR6.

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Once SK Hynix has produced its first batch of 16Gbps bandwidth GDDR6 chips, Nvidia might find itself in a tight spot of competition.

Why GDDR6?

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As per the reports, GDDR6 memory should deliver double the speed of GDDR5 used in current-gen graphics cards like the Nvidia GTX 1080.

The cards will require almost 1.35v additionally to operate with 20% more expensive production cost. This calls for a massive expected price hike in GDDR6 memories!

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