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Nvidia’s next GeForce graphics card to be named after ‘Alan Turing’

Nvidia is gearing up for the upcoming GTC 2018 event with one of its new project which seems to be from the TITAN V family. The event is coming in the next month and we might be surprised with the product that is to be unveiled.

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The ‘Turing’ Graphics Card

Named after the famous English scientist of the past Alan Turing, the card is going to be consumer-based. Turing doesn’t seem like the name of Nvidia’s upcoming architecture, rather it can be the codename of an ASIC or an SKU.

The point which makes us believe that Turing isn’t a professional graphics card from series such as Quadro or Tesla is that Reuters has only disclosed a single line about the description of the card in its recent report that “Turing” is a “new GPU gaming chip.”

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