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Nvidia’s TITAN V comes with clock speeds almost 110-130 MHz higher than the standard figures

TITAN V was unveiled by Nvidia, a few days ago and we all have been waiting for some gaming benchmarks. It’s actually the first gaming-capable graphics card based on NVIDIA’s Volta architecture, so the excitement build up had to be there.

Benchmarks From Reddit

The benchmarks that I am posting here are from a Reddit post that got popular just after it went online! The results actually show the performance bar of an overclocked TITAN V in various configurations. With 5120 CUDA cores enabled, the TITAN V comes with HBM2 memory on board which makes it worth a look. The good thing that we have perceived about it so far, is that it is overclockable out of the box. How can we say that? The results show an elevation of 110-130 MHz as compared to the standard TITAN V frequency. Have a look at this collection of results that we’ve received in various games.

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