At CES 2018, HP displays the Omen X 65 “Big Format Gaming Display” (BFGD)

Nvidia impressed us at this CES with its all-new large-format PC display standard called “Big Format Gaming Display” (BFGD). This is basically a better version of the normal 4K-HDR TV that you might currently be using. Fortunately, this add-on concept stands only for screens bigger than 40-inches so no ‘tech wastage’ on smaller screens.

The Benefit

The reason that justifies buying the BFGD screen is that it has been tweaked for gaming desktops. Obviously, it supports the G-SYNC-HDR hardware to give you that high-standard display. Don’t worry if your TV doesn’t have the in-built Android-based “Smart TV” OS because it has the ‘NVIDIA Shield’ to serve the purpose. Also, you won’t necessarily be needing the software-based HiDPI scaling so if you want to keep it as casual as a better quality living-room gaming experience, it would be a perfect choice.

HP Omen X 65 Big Format Gaming Display (BFGD)

To give you a competitive option, HP unveiled the Omen X 65 BFGD screen with the following specifications:

  • A 65-inch television monitor
  • 4K Ultra HD resolution
  • Support for HDR10 (1,000 nits brightness)
  • 120 Hz maximum refresh-rate
  • Support for NVIDIA G-SYNC HDR
  • In-built NVIDIA Shield
  • On-demand content, game-streaming from your main gaming rig in another room

Price for these screens isn’t confirmed yet but one thing is for sure, HP Omen X 65 won’t fall under the ‘reasonable price tag’!

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