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ADATA’s Mineral-oil Based DIMM Heatspreader, ‘Project Jellyfish’

CES 2018 welcomed a number of companies to roll out the new variants and models of the existing products but at the same time, some interesting and innovative gadgets were also introduced. ADATA is one of those companies which presented a totally unique concept at its 2018 International CES booth by the name of “Project Jellyfish,” which at the moment, is a prototype.

If you look at the structure of the project jellyfish, you’ll perceive it as a small acrylic tank enclosing a DIMM, that has some mineral oil filled in it. The concept is adopted because of its increasing success factor in the other similar heat spreading positions.

The Interesting Part

If the above description isn’t enough for you, understand it as a proof-of-concept that memory modules can be cooled with a “liquid heatsink” made of mineral oil. Because in this prototype, the company claims to be developing a ‘Mineral-oil Based DIMM Heatspreader’.

The heat spreader will actually use an electrically non-conductive liquid to pass out the heat through the oil medium. It resembles the concept of oil-cooling in car and motorcycle engines. So the oil immersed PCs will spread off the heat and convert them into cool large transformers in power distribution grids.

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