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Interactive Roto VR Chair by Roto VR – The chair is coming with a lot more than you expected!

In the world of VR, the technology has moved way ahead of VR headsets. We’ve seen VR equipped rooms in some of the high tech gaming arenas but it’s time to bring a percentage of this technology to the home. Roto VR Chair has successfully accomplished developing their idea of manufacturing the developer kits of their ground-breaking interactive Roto VR Chair – Roto VR.

The shipping for Roto VR will go worldwide in February 2018 and now is the time to place your order on their official website. Elliott Myers, CEO and creator of Roto VR says:

The team has been working around the clock to get Roto VR final and shipment ready. We’ve taken our time to ensure a top quality final product and I’m thrilled to confirm that units are beginning to ship, we will move to full production and all consumer orders will be fulfilled in early 2018. We’re super hyped because we know Roto VR will usher in a new era of unparalleled 360 VR immersion – and it’s affordable.

The History of Roto VR

Roto VR has been trying to enter the market for quite a long time and we first came to know about it in 2015 when it was being pitched as an Interactive VR Chair for VR games. What add-ons we have seen in this chair so far, including all AR, VR, 360 hardware AND software out of the box (except for PSVR). According to Elliott Myers:

It’s certainly not just about gaming, we are fortunate to have a unique insight into a wide range of complementary businesses/concepts. For example:

  • Blue chip companies are looking to VR to boost their brands as well as productivityGame arcades, shopping malls, hotels, airports and internet cafes are starting to adopt VR to boost business
  • Universities, schools, movie theatres and stadiums are looking to transition towards interactive seating
  • E-Sports, Theme Parks, Travel Agencies, and Property Developers are investing VR for new customer engagement
  • We can’t wait to see how profoundly Roto VR is going to help to shape the landscape of seated interactivity worldwide.

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