SANDRA’s Database suggests the upcoming arrival of Intel Core i5-8500

The 8th gen Intel processors have been in the discussion for quite a long time with Core i7-8700K being the better option among others. Now stepping into the year 2018, Intel has planned to expand the on-going Coffee Lake series of its processors and the first processor to come out of the rumor mill is the Intel Core i5-8500 which had been surfacing on SANDRA Database.

The Core i5-8500 Processor

Speaking of what we know of the processor, it is a six-core processor which makes it better than the Intel Core i5-8400. We can’t say much about its price range as even the MSRP of i5-8400 despite being set at $189, has been sold for 10-15 percent margins above the original price.

Expected Specifications

It is said that the Core i5-8500 will come out with these specs:

  • 3.00 GHz nominal clock speed (We don’t know about the Turbo Boost clocks but they are obviously going to be higher than that of Core i5-8400)
  • 6-core/6-threads
  • 9 MB of shared L3 cache
  • TDP rating of 65W
  • Arithmetic test score of 139.63 GOPS, 317.88 Mpix/s in the multi-media test, and 7.49 GB/s in the cryptography test
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