SK Hynix GDDR6 to compete the Samsung’s 16Gb/18Gbps modules

Enthusiasts have been waiting for SK Hynix to roll out the Graphics Double Data Rate 6 (GDDR6) and now, the manufacturing company has made it available. This gives us a clear idea of what Intel and AMD might be thinking about their next-gen graphics cards. You shouldn’t be expecting the 16 Gb / 18 Gbps chips as we have already covered the Samsung’s lead in this aspect. However, SK Hynix will be offering the 8 Gb / 14 Gbps memory.

Why is SK Hynix Still Ahead of Samsung?

It’s because NVIDIA or AMD would be using the same memory configuration and that is 8 Gb/14 Gbps. This makes Samsung stand out in both positive and negative ways as it is advertising its 16Gb/18Gbps modules with a bandwidth up to 768 Gb/s.

SK Hynix’ 8 Gb 16 Gbps module was first announced at the GTC2017, so there isn’t something new in it except a delay in its production!

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