Tesoro Gram TKL – The NUM pad shaved off in favor of saving space!

Tesoro’s booth at the CES 2018 had some interesting things to offer and one of those cool things was the Tesoro Gram TKL Keyboard. The keyboard was put right next to the Tesoro Gram XS which was pictured for the first time in this event. The word ‘TKL’ actually stands for ‘tenkeyless’ and if you remember the previous year’s Gram Spectrum, this is actually another variant of it.

What’s Different

It actually lacks the NUM pad just like most of the smaller laptops but this isn’t a bad option at all. It all depends upon your need and TKL keyboards maybe the best choice for a lot of people actually. Why? Because it saves the space. In this particular case, cutting the NUM pad saves up to 12 cm from its width so you don’t have to worry about the space issues.

Notable Features

To differentiate it from its other variants, here’s a list of features that are exclusive for Gram TKL:

  • Tesoro’s in-house Agile mechanical switches (in red or white flavors)
  • 3.5 mm key travel
  • 1.5 mm actuation
  • 16.7 million-color RGB LED illumination

To know the rest of the features, check out the Tesoro Gram XS keyboard.

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