Tesoro Gram XS Keyboard unveiled at CES 2018 – The keyboard is too damn compact!

With all the major names coming up with their exclusive products at the CES 2018, Tesoro showed up with Gram XS Keyboard. We’ve got some photos exclusively for you which show the structure of this sleek and elegant keyboard.

Tesoro Gram XS Keyboard

Following the design pattern of the Gram SPECTRUM, Gram XS is crafted to acquire less space. From every edge and dimension, the bezels have been lessened to make the frame as thin as possible.


To sum up the features, Tesoro Gram XS has:

  • Linear or tactile/clicky feedback of conventional mechanical keyboards
  • Flattened keycaps(chiclet-type)
  • 14 mm thin body
  • TTC low profile mechanical switches

Tesoro claims to have spent a considerable amount of time in the development of TTC low profile mechanical switches.


To speak of its pricing, the company has put a fair price tag of USD $149.99 on it. You might find other options in the same price range but do compare the features before making any decision.

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