7nm technology in AMD CPUs seems like “The Toughest” challenge of all times

7nm architecture in CPUs is surely a dream technology that many people are waiting for. With AMD’s announcement regarding the jump in the 7nm scene, the tech enthusiasts felt optimistic about a possible paradigm shift. But now, it seems like AMD is feeling some difficulties in this challenge.

AMD Ryzen CPU Feature WM1920x1080 1 1140x641 1024x576 e1489748689504 7nm technology in AMD CPUs seems like The Toughest challenge of all times

AMD started working on the 7nm technology quite some time ago and the news broke out in the past May that the upcoming ‘Zen 2’ and ‘Zen 3’ processor families will be getting it. But now, the recent interview given by AMD’s CTO shows that the company is facing some real difficulties in it. According to him, this is “the toughest” generational leap he has seen for years.

Efforts Made By AMD

The CTO of AMD, Mark Papermaster, while talking about the challenges they have seen in the pursuit of 7nm technology said:

We had to literally double our efforts across foundry and design teams…It’s the toughest lift I’ve seen in a number of generations. The 7nm node requires new “CAD tools and changes in the way you architect the device and how you connect transistors. The implementation and tools change as well as the IT support you need to get through it.


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