AMD Raven Ridge APU Was Spotted On the Internet Consists Of 4 Cores And 8 Threads

Today we have more AMD news and this not the Ryzen news that we have been hearing about. This is about something new known as AMD Raven Ridge APU. Which will launch later this year at the end of 2017. These new AMD APU is very exciting because it combines Ryzen or Zen Cores rather. With an on board graphics solution, which would eliminate the need for discrete graphics for a lot of users.

Historically these AMD APU’s have packed decent integrated graphics to the point if you are doing something like medium gaming. Then you won’t need a dedicated graphics card. Now a leaked benchmarks was found on the internet which showed the performance of the upcoming Raven Ridge platform. Against its rival like Intel. The benchmark shows a 4 core 8 thread APU performance in a chart form. Though the quality of the picture is so bad that it’s hard to get something out of it.
Ryzen 4C 8T Raven Ridge Benchmarks AMD Raven Ridge APU Was Spotted On the Internet Consists Of 4 Cores And 8 Threads

If you look closely at the chart the Raven Ridge 4 core 8 thread processor is on par with Intel’s i5 6600 Skylake processor at a score of 11000. Now if these benchmarks are legit then we are looking at a new AMD processor that can trade equal blows with Intel. There are other processors within the same category from AMD as well. But the one beating the core i5 variant of the Intel looks to be the most interesting.

Do take all of this with a grain of salt. Because we have never seen this bench-marking software before. While everyone mostly tests different CPU’s based on GeekBench or GPUz scores. Apple is also rumored to consider using Raven Ridge APU in their upcoming 2017 Macbook laptops. In order to make their laptop even slimmer and lighter.
Rivalry among AMD and Intel; The flawless Ryzen is giving Intel a tough competition

Hopefully at the end of 2017 we will find out what AMD has planned for us.


Via : TechStunt 

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