AMD Ryzen 2 & 3 architecture has been reduced down to 7nm

AMD Ryzen 2 & 3 has been shrunk down to 7nm because it’s apparently rather difficult because it’s not just shrinking things down with traditional sense but also a re-engineering of the actual architecture according to Mark Papermaster.

1 27 AMD Ryzen 2 & 3 architecture has been reduced down to 7nm

For those who don’t know Ryzen in it’s current form is built on 14nm and there is an interview gaining a lot of traction with EE Times. Mark Papermaster who is AMD CTO has been discussing the company’s future plans and has said that,

“The jump and preparation for 7nm is a pretty damn big change, in fact to both the foundry itself as well as the design teams themselves had “Double their efforts”. Moving to the 7nm is the toughest lift I’ve seen in number of generations he said during the interview. In fact he said that the 7nm is a long node, like 28nm…so you have to have a long node it lets the design team focus on micro-architecture and systems solutions.”

There are numbers of solutions as there are tends to be for the difficulties but one of them is the requirement for the new CAD tools and the second is the deeper cooperation with foundries and the EDA also known as the (Electronic Design Automation) industry.

2 26 AMD Ryzen 2 & 3 architecture has been reduced down to 7nm

Mark has also said that there are some difficulties for the actual founders itself when it comes to the chips on the 7nm processor. So, it’s going to certainly be the long haul and don’t forget that Globalfoundries have been AMD partners when it comes to the CPU meanwhile TSMC is for the GPU.

 It appears that Papermaster and AMD as a whole are not going to be changing this anytime soon, they are pretty happy with that at the moment and he feels that the TSMC and Globalfoundries are being “aggressive” in 7nm and this is good for the industry.
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