AMD Ryzen Sales Being Bottlenecked By Shortage Of AM4 Compatible Motherboards

AMD recently launched their new Ryzen CPU and even though the new chips aren’t what people hoped it to be when it comes to gaming. Still the sale of both the Ryzen CPU’s, as well as compatible AM4 motherboards are on the rise.

Leave gaming aside and AMD Ryzen looks like a great bang for the buck deal. Especially for people who are into rendering and all. As when it comes to rendering all the Ryzen family are performing equal or better than their Intel counterpart.

AMD has been confident with their Ryzen family from the start, but same cannot be said about motherboard manufacturers. As they didn’t hope Ryzen to rise as high as it did. In such a short time. As of now sales of Ryzen CPU’s are coming down, reason being the shortage of compatible AM4 motherboards. Aside from that, people who even got the early samples of the AM4 motherboards, reported having a lot of issues, due to its faulty bios.

According to some reports, the market is full of Ryzen CPU’s. But the sales of the new CPU’s are bottle-necked due to the unavailability of compatible AM4 motherboards. While there is no benefit in getting the processor only, without any motherboard with it.

You can still find the lower end AM4 motherboards, but same cannot be said about the high end X370 chip equipped motherboards. As that is what most of the enthusiast market wants right now. So they can overclock their newly owned Ryzen CPU. And get the best out of it

It can become even more problematic, if the shortage of AM4 motherboards wasn’t fixed soon. Making stores sell their product at a higher price than its actual MSRP. Just like we saw when AMD RX 480 was launched.

It’s good to see such a competition from AMD’s side and it really can prove to be healthy for the company. But in time like these a motherboard shortage can be fatal for a company with a new start.

Source: TechStunt

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