AMD Ryzen Suffering At 1080P Gaming

Though we had to wait a lot for the launch of AMD Ryzen. But looks like all the waiting finally paid up. As the red team have offered something of great value, for its performance. Yes, its true AMD does offer Intel level performance at nearly half the price, when comparing the AMD 1800X to the Intel 6900K. But what about the gaming performance on the new AMD Ryzen.

Well when it comes to 2k and 4k gaming, things are looking great for the red team. As their new Ryzen is able to push equal or more FPS in games, compared to its Intel counterpart. But when things are changed to 1080P gaming. There is an entirely different story. As both Intel Kaby Lake and Skylake, do beat each and every CPU from the AMD Ryzen 7 family.

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Source: DrMOLA

Yes, AMD is losing when it comes to 1080P gaming, but still it’s a better bang for the buck CPU. AMD has come a long way, as the red team finally has something that competes with Intel. Especially if you compare AMD’s older CPU’s.

To clear this gaming confusion, AMD also held an AMA on rededit, where the red team addressed some concern about the gaming performance. One question being that why Intel and AMD Ryzen have such a huge gap when it comes to gaming. To which AMD replied “Ryzen is doing really well in 1440p and 4K gaming when the applications are more graphics bound. And we do exceptionally well in rendering and workstation applications where more cores are really useful. In 1080p, we have tested over 100+ titles in the labs…. And depending on the test conditions, we do better in some games and worse in others. We hear people on wanting to see improved 1080p performance and we fully expect that Ryzen performance in 1080p will only get better as developers get more time with “Zen”. We have over 300+ developers now working with “Zen” and several of the developers for Ashes of Singularity and Total Warhammer are actively optimizing now.”

As I have mentioned before, AMD Ryzen is still a new platform and it needs some time. To pick up its phase. We have yet to see how the quad core and hexa-core Ryzen CPU’s stack up against its Intel counterpart. Keeping all this aside AMD Ryzen 7 family is still a better choice over Intel. If you are someone who is into rendering or media consumption or someone who plays games at 4k.


Via : TechStunt

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