All AMD visible cracks over the launch of Radeon RX 64

AMD Raden RX Vega 64 Limited Edition 1 740x416 1 All AMD visible cracks over the launch of Radeon RX 64

Did you ordered Radeon 64 and still waiting for it ? are you still lacking information of AMD Radeon RX 64 actual benchmarks? or you are surprised by the rising prices of it? or you can’t buy an individual card on Amazon instead you have to go for packs?

Today will be talking about AMD poor marketing of Radeon RX 64 and the flaws that happens over and over all along it launching process and after launching, it was something unusual for AMD based product it was not what we saw in Threadripper and others. Let get into the main body of the writing.

The product is out of stock especially the limited edition

Many of you have already familiar with the term above and would be checking your email hour after hour, to see whether their Radeon RX 64 is launched into truck or not or its on the way or not. Just a few days ago Amazon listed Radeon RX 64 many of the product was marked un available especially the limited edition. Is that mean AMD wasn’t ready for launching the Radeon RX 64 into market ? or they are creating suspense.

The prices

We all remembered that AMD tagged their Radeon RX 64 and 56 $499 and $399 respectively. But look like that wasnt the priced marked by marketing survey as AMD updates states that its just a introductory price and will be marked high after few days adding $100 addition in each of the graphics card

The benchmarks

Your product would be in demand if your customer is thirsty about it, what if you don’t give any thirst to your customer. Here’s what happened with reviewers they are still waiting waiting for the actual drivers and the actual benchmarks results , well “if they want the actual drivers they ain’t gonna have one before the launch of Radeon 64” look like that’s what AMD planned. The reviewers were just handed into the engineering prototype based drives and no actual performance drivers were handed.

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Here is more

  • Vega shows not expressive lead over Fiji.
  • Drivers were not ready
  • No live stream of the launching event
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