Deliding AMD Ryzen Reveals Something Interesting

AMD has delivered what it promised us, with their new Ryzen CPU. A powerful CPU, that not only costs less than the competition, but is also power efficient. If you weren’t impressed enough already, there is even a better news regarding the new Ryzen CPU.

A famous overclocker named der8auer, has found something really interesting about AMD Ryzen. After der8auer tried to delid his newly own AMD Ryzen 1700 chip, in order to check what’s inside. Delidding basically means removing the IHS, on top of the CPU. If you don’t know IHS stands for ‘Integrated Heat Spreader’. It’s the metal covering that you see on top of the CPU, with Ryzen logo on it.

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Reason why overclokers started delidding was to reduce temperatures in the past. Delidding first started with Intel’s Haswell family. Which are kind of famous for their extreme temperatures while running. In order to figure out why, reviewers and overclockers started delidding their Intel Haswell CPU. After delidding the Intel Haswell CPU, both reviewers and overclockers started blaming the company . As the intel didn’t properly soldered IHS, on top of the processor, while only relying on the thermal paste to hold the IHS and the processor together.

Intel still applies the same method to their CPU, till this day. Same was not the case with AMD Ryzen after der8auer delided his processor. Which took him 3 tries to do it right, though what he got to witness was totally worth ruining three Ryzen chips over.

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As you can judge from the picture. AMD has gone an extra mile to ensure better cooling on their Ryzen CPU. The IHS is actually soldered onto the CPU itself, unlike Intel. Aside from that there is also gold coating on the IHS which is necessary for a perfect Indium solder.

Normally after delidding a CPU and correctly applying thermal paste on it. Results in better cooling on Intel’s side. As the CPU drops down around 20 degrees in temperature, making room for more overclocking. Well with AMD Ryzen, you won’t need to do that. As according to der8auer, the processor only got to see a 2 degrees reduction in temperature after delidding.

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