Nvidia ‘Ampere’ may replace Pascal and Volta GPUs – Nvidia may change its own conventions

As hinted earlier on our website, Nvidia has again shown some hints that after Pascal, the company will be moving towards ‘Ampere‘ architecture. The Pascal life-cycle maybe near to its end now as Volta has already debuted through its V100 chip and now, the “Ampere” architecture may be revealed in 2018.

What Makes Us Think That?

The rumor mill has been rolling out this info for quite a long time now but now, Heise.de says that the news may be confirmed at the upcoming GPU Technology Conference which is planned for next year. And the nomenclature obviously comes from Andre-Marie Ampere, a French physicist, and mathematician alive in the late 1700s to early 1800s.

Changing The Conventions

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Nvidia has decided to change its own conventions this time with the short span of Pascal architecture. Normally an architecture introduced by Nvidia remains running in the market for 5 years. This time, Just after a few months of Pascal, Volta was announced and after Volta’s limited scale debut, we are already waiting to see Ampere!


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