RX VEGA To Outperform The GTX 1080Ti In Performance AMD Claims

I’m sure you all must be waiting to hear something new regarding the upcoming VEGA. Well thanks to AMD we have some more goodies regarding the new VEGA GPU. According to AMD the company is going to offer their new VEGA GPU in two variants. Which would include a 4GB and an 8GB variant.

Though the VRAM on the VEGA GPU is low compare to the high end GTX 1080Ti. Which comes equipped with 11GB of GDDR5X VRAM. But when it comes to AMD the company is using their new HBM2 memory on their new VEGA GPU. Which offer an improved memory bandwidth with better efficiency. AMD is so confident in their new HBM2 memory. That the company claims that the 4GB variant of the VEGA GPU. Can outperform the GTX 1080Ti by achieving a higher bandwidth. A very bold statement from AMD. But ill rather wait to see it in person.

Aside from that AMD also said that the new VEGA GPU would also be smaller in footprint compared to their Polaris lineup. Where the company also expressed their interest in future gaming laptops. According to AMD their Polaris lineup was just a warm up for the company. While AMD RX VEGA would the real deal when it comes to performance.

These are all the details that AMD provide us with. Though we are still waiting on the specs on the upcoming AMD VEGA. Personally I don’t doubt AMD at this point. The company has achieved a level that I never though it would. Where I’m surprised by the sheer performance of AMD Polaris alone. Which even out performs the GTX 1060 in a lot of cases.

2017 has been the year of many surprises from AMD alone and we hope AMD will continue to do so with the launch of VEGA.

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