RX Vega tested out against the GTX 1080 – Pricing and other details

1 28 RX Vega tested out against the GTX 1080   Pricing and other details

The website Hardocp managed to get hold of an RX Vega graphics card and Kyle was basically asked to test out the graphics card against the GTX 1080. Based setup and essentially get gamers in to do some blind testing. This might feel similar to the various RX Vega events. We are wondering if he’s been conducting some benchmarks, essentially it’s been done at his house, this is according to him and he said the graphics card for less than a day.

There is a Blind gaming test video that he is currently editing which is going to appear over the next day or two. One can make the assumption, we’re not going to be seeing framerate counters.

A website by the name of Nordichardware have confirmed that some retailers in Sweden have already received pricing information for RX Vega. This early pricing information tells us that the price tag of Vega is around 7000 Swedish Krona which equals to about US $850. The pricing will vary depending on the manufacturers and models, this prices are just a reference.

Here’s where things get a bit more complex, these Swedish retailers have actually said that they pricing feels wrong and if you considered the GTX 1080 Ti costs around 8000 Swedish Krona and include that. Whereas, the 1080 is even cheaper, it’s around 5600 mark.

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