Fractal Design’s Define R6 best combined with Flex VRC-25 mount and Connect D1

Fractal Design released this enthusiast level PC case named Define R6 with almost all those key features that make it an option worth choosing. First of all, the look of the case is phenomenal but that’s not the only thing you look at right? So to add a little more flavor to the case, you should probably be making this combo by infusing Connect D1 and Flex VRC-25 in the game.

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The Master Combination

Connect D1

To master the PC modding game, combining the new Define R6 by Fractal Design with the Connect D1 upgrade kit will give you matchless speed figures. If you don’t know about the Connect D1, it is actually rolling out next year and will allow you to enhance speed and convenience with full USB 3.1 Gen 2 support and the latest Type-C connector. Moreover, you can enjoy fast charging and a whopping transfer speed of 10Gbps. All you need to check is its capability with your motherboard and you are good to go.

Flex VRC-25

This is even more interesting because the Flex VRC-25 is actually made to increase the look and add more to your PC’s style. It’s a vertical PCI-E riser card and extender which let you see your graphics card even while it’s inside the case. After all, you have paid for your side glass panel PC case to keep an eye on your hardware setup, isn’t it?


Flex VCR-25 is a stress-tested mount for your card and gives you a confidence boost with its increased performance. With fitted custom standoffs, this probably is the best combination for the Define R6 case. Here are some of its features:

  • Full PCI Express 3.0 support offering uncompromised performance for high-powered GPUs
    Patented shielded overlap cable structure guarantees maximum transmission speed and stability
  • Extra-long 210mm heavy gauge ribbon cable is both durable and flexible
  • Right angle adapter with rigid PCB and standoffs enable a secure vertical mounting solution
  • Stylized black cabling with color-matched premium black PCB substrate
  • Flexible and extended PCI Express slot with 16x/8x/4x/1x compatibility
  • Heavy-duty double-sided wiring delivers up to 3x the power of traditional riser cables (auxiliary power connections are recommended for devices over 40W TDP)
  • Designed for use with all Define R6 Series cases

Connect D1 Key Features

  • Full USB 3.1 Gen 2 support with up to 10Gbps transfer speeds
  • USB Fast charging support with compatible motherboards and devices
  • Reversible USB Type-C port, allowing fast and easy connection every time
  • Designed for use with all Define R6 Series cases
  • Replacement I/O shells for Black, Blackout, White, and Gunmetal included


  • Flex VRC – Late January 2018
  • Connect D1 – Q1 2018


  • Flex VRC-25 USD39.99
  • Connect D1 USD29.99

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